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Science and technology, customer satisfaction, excellence

In today's fast-changing information technology, our company takes "quality-oriented, technology-based, customer-satisfied, and excellence" as the quality policy.

Experience 12 years

Equipment 700 sets

Workshop area 20000㎡

Our product

W3layouts Agileits


W3layouts Agileits

LC Duplex adapter plastic clip

W3layouts Agileits

LC Duplex high and low adapter

W3layouts Agileits

LC Duplex OM3 Adapter

W3layouts Agileits

LC Simplex adapter

W3layouts Agileits

LC Duplex without ear

  • W3layouts Agileits


    EINGBO MYRAY NETWORK EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.Founded in 2006, the company is located in the east of the industrial park of Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City, the hometown of China's small hardware, with convenient transportation.

  • W3layouts Agileits

    Precision manufacturing

    The company actively introduces the latest manufacturing technology, technology and equipment at home and abroad, injection management system, injection molding, assembly, packaging system using fully automatic flow operation, and has strict production quality control.

  • W3layouts Agileits

    Brilliant achievements, innovative miles

    Today, with the rapid development of information technology, our company takes "quality-oriented, science and technology, customer satisfaction, excellence" as the quality policy; "first-class quality, creating Mindray brand" as its mission.


W3layouts Agileits

Minray network equipment

Perfect quality inspection system

Make our products gradually move toward zero-defect goals

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